Sleeping Giants

Please note that this specific post is explicitly directed to on specific individual. If this is not for you — feel free to turn this into a learning experience.


I like how often you reference law as if you had any singular professional or state-sanctioned credential that would allow you to practice law. You’re like the bald guy in Pawn Stars: You aren’t that guy, but you sure know who to call.

Here’s an honest question for you. Twenty hours ago you wrote a message to a young lady. That message indicated that you were in contact with a law firm in Nashville and that they would resolve the following situation through suing — not arbitration — but suing:

  • Defendant is in control of two social media arms and one primary gMail account that you, as the individual claiming ownership of a publication, used so little that you both did not set it up nor know the password for it. All accounts in question:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook page (which you asked for the password for just as a demonstration of your complete disassosciation of how the Interwebs works)
    • Gmail account

Let’s look at a few other things of importance:

  • It’s interesting you would select a firm in Nashville for an issue specifically going on in Knoxville. While Nashville lawyers would, if anything, be most talented with regard to issues involving creative rights ownership: cost of ownership for an office space goes up considerably in Nashville thus raising their overhead for a storefront.
    • Due to this, your only options would be ‘bono or specifically getting the accounts back and then burning a young adult for court fees. Classy.
  • You also said that, once Facebook got their… I guess a C/D?… that they would quickly conform to your demands because “they hate court stuff”. My favorite part was when you suggested that this would also impact her non-business accounts.
    • Let me make sure I have this correct. The man who asked for a /Page/’s password and didn’t know the password to his own publication’s primary email address is now somehow versed in Facebook’s typical response when approached with a worthless C/D from AndWhoTheFuckAreYou, Attorney at Law?
    • You also completely mixed different law processes. If you’ve noticed, I’m keeping this in a Bullet format because I feel I may need to break this down into succinct concepts. You mentioned:
      • Facebook will give you the account credentials if threatened; this will impact the operator of those pages. Addendum: operator of those pages/email is the original creator of said page/email.
      • Talking to a lawyer in Nashville which, let’s be honest, is where CR/IP law lives. If you were just referencing Nashville because it’s the closest thing to a big city around here: I would have gone with Atlanta. So would you. Fun part: I’m not sure that inference (CR/IP) kicked in with her. If it makes you feel any better, you made a funny joke and I got it.
      • The person you are (let’s be honest) harassing is to provide an additional issue of a publication. The specifications for this publication are, in no way, established in any form of documentation that would be either admissible in court nor featuring signatures. As an even funnier addition, you state that if she does not provide this issue — she owes you $500.
        • Actually. Let’s expand on this part for a second. You’re suing. With a firm in Nashville. For $500 — a sum that is absolutely covered in county small claims court. Did you select Nashville because how much charm your council will need to have for this whole thing not to come off as a complete waste of time?
      • She had until 3pm to respond. See, I get “You have until 3pm”. The desk closes at 5. If you want something moving, 3. The reason that’s kind odd is because that’d be 2p in Nashville. Huh.

Here’s the important summation.

  • You thought Facebook Pages still had the password system from years and years ago.
  • You had another person create /the most efficient method of communication for a publication; the place where all your money comes from/: the email for the publication. And you don’t know the password? You know you can reset the password if it’s hooked to your phone number. I would have asked for that. Good tip to know in the future, perhaps. Then you can just change it out and not take your bipolar swings out on people whenever you feel like it.
  • You have literally no idea how Facebook’s evaluation system works. Facebook cowers at things like that? And then takes it out on the originator’s page. With no litigation provided?
    • If I create a page for Jellybelly and I’m not Jellybelly — and then they ask for it back. And I refuse. If they have the correct credentials showing ownership of that name, they will change the Page to a Group and then give the page to the owner. It doesn’t count as a strike. It was called TheFaceBook when I created my profile; I ran BBS’s before that. Statement from Authority: You don’t know anything about how this works. And I’m watching you pretend like you do as a form of intimidation. And it’s disgusting.
  • You are a grown-ass man, ~8 months older than I am, shaking down kids for money. Could you describe That Feel for me sometime?
  • You want to know why that post hasn’t had any movement? The one with your cute line of butthurt you added? Because this last post of anything is the last attention you will be given. I/We have ensured this.
  • You used ‘Methinks’. When you were diagnosed with autism? What color is your fedora? Do you think that provides an astute tone to your statement?
    • The initial statement was condescending. But it could have been worse.
    • Then you added the lie/cheat/steal part. I notice these things. I’m not on the Internet all day but I do have enough scripts running to convince you otherwise.
    • Sorry, CrayHair. Were the kids not paying attention to you?

Your threats may intimidate the inexperienced.

I have a very funny history. It all involves the USDC. The side that involves picnics and not things you’ll find on Pacer.

Last part here.

Protip: When I found myself in situations where I was about to file papers against an individual for doing something, I took a picture of it and sent it to them. I didn’t say, “I’ve got these papers here and I’m going to file a suit against you”. Picture. Demand. Time. After watching you bullshit someone about what your powers were, like a fucking bully, and what you can and can not do while completely mixing up every part of IP/CR/Claims: you know nothing.

Final Thought:We snapped our fingers and, 12 hours later, are 20 likes away from you.

You’re an asshole and a liar.

And as a fellow asshole and liar? Busch league.

…methinks. jesus christ what’s wrong with you-





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